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Anti tetracyclines monoclonal antibody


This anti tetracyclines monoclonal antibody is a mouse antibody has been validated in ELISA, lateral flow assays and other immunoassays. The immunogen is tetracycline-BSA conjugate. It can be used in ELISA and lateral flow assays.

  • Highly sensitive to tetracyclines drugs
  • Purified by ion-exchange
  • Validated in ELISA, lateral flow immunoassay
  • Commercial kits available
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Technical details

ProductAnti tetracyclines monoclonal antibody
Item #AB5007
Reactivity100% to tetracyclines
SourceMouse ascites, cell culture
Unit SizeDefault size is 0.5mg, custom size is available
ApplicationsELISA, lateral flow immunoassay
FormatLyophilized powder or liquid
Gene ID


ImmunogenTetracycline-BSA conjugate
PurificationPurified by affinity column
StorageStore at -20 degree celsius or below. Shipment at room temperature.
Shelf Life12 months minimum when stored properly
Validated ByInternally according to ISO standards
Application NotesThis product is a monoclonal antibody for research use. Final dilution shall be determined by the end user. The product is provided in lyophilized format. We recommend to dissolve with distilled water.

Tetracyclines are a group of broad-spectrum antibiotics whose general usefulness has been reduced with the onset of bacterial resistance. Despite this, they remain the treatment of choice for some specific indications, especially in cattle veterinary clinical practice. Side-effects from tetracyclines are not common, but of particular note is phototoxicity. It increases the risk of sunburn under exposure to light from the sun or other sources. Due to the potential hazard to human, strict MRLs have been set in EU, US and other countries in the world.

This anti tetracyclines monoclonal antibody has been validated in ELISA, lateral flow assays and other immunoassays. Customers shall determine their own dilution according to experiment requirement.


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